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Why DriveFree™ Works

Please read for comprehension, this is concerning money...

The Concept: Once you use our website to Find a Car, and Get It Financed, we educate you on Split-Dollar-Deposit™ so you Never Have The Burden of Unwanted Debt that comes with an auto loan.

Split-Dollar-Deposit™ is an “Addition by Subtraction” wealth strategy specifically designed so people with steady income and direct-deposit may capitalize on Digital Banking. It’s similar to digital envelope banking, but for wealth planning instead of budget planning. Split-Dollar-Deposit™ structures your bank accounts to cover All of your monthly expenses, and savings on 12% – 25% less money without you experiencing an NSF; No, this is not some fancy budget plan.

Hypothetical Explanation:

Let’s say your after tax income is $5,000/mo.

Of that $5,000/mo., $4,000/mo. is expenses, and the other $1,000/mo. is your savings.   ($4,000 Expenses + $1,000 in Savings = $5,000)

That means… All of your savings and your expenses add up to $5,000

But What really happens to the money you deposit into your bank account?         It becomes Digital Currency. Scheduled to constantly arrive because of your direct deposit.

So while your expenses and savings add up to $5,000/mo., banks know that when you deposit your money, it becomes digital currency. Because your direct deposits turn your money into digital currency, and is scheduled to arrive on your pay days, your income can now be disbursed digitally through your bank accounts on a timing schedule so all of your monthly expenses can be paid on time, and your monthly savings goals met while using 12% – 25% less direct deposit income than before.

In other words, if you were using our digital banking model, you can cover $5,000 in expenses, and savings using only $3,750 to $4,400. 

See, its not about how much your bills, expenses and savings cost you per month, its about finding out the exact amount of digital dollars that need to flow through your checking account(s) to cover your expenses and savings until your next pay day without you experiencing an NSF. In this sample, the $600/mo. to $1,250/mo. is considered Addition by Subtraction Profits. Banks have been keeping this information away from you. Now its your turn to keep it.

All you do is Change the way you Bank from analog banking to the Split-Dollar-Deposit™ digital banking model. So while some people are making car payments out of pocket, DriveFree™ is using an “Addition by Subtraction” wealth strategy based on digital banking to pay your lender from your new profits, and not your paycheck.

Is Split-Dollar-Deposit Safe? We support Split Dollar Deposit™ because it uses safe banking practices to make you money without asking you to cut expenses. The instructions and results are unique to your household, and based on your total net monthly income, expenses, and savings. Split Dollar Deposit™ is the “New Way to Bank”. That means when you follow our  instructions, you are ensured the safety of having all your bills paid on time as usual, and all of your monthly savings like normal.

Choose Cash, or Equity: pāyZero® deducts the 12% – 25% difference, and pays your vehicle loan. If the 12% – 25% is more than your loan payment, the overages can be paid to your lender to build equity, and clear your loan faster, or your overage can be placed in your investment account as cash at your choice of auto invest companies like Acorns®, Robinhood®, or SigFig®This is how DriveFree™ allows you to make money financing a new or used vehicle today, without adding an expense to your budget.

Full  Financial  Disclosures: Opting-in to DriveFree™ at anytime during your auto loan binds our company, pāyZero® Incorporated to educate you, the borrower, on the benefits of Split-Dollar-Deposit™. The contract becomes non-recourse should you, the client, experience a significant loss of direct deposit income due to job loss, and, or can no longer continue with your banking strategy, or you choose to not use our Split-Dollar-Deposit™ system at any time during the period your auto loan payments are due to your lender. At that point, you are solely responsible for paying your auto loan with your resources. Your Found Money is derived from our MyXtraMoney™ Split Dollar Deposit™ algorithm. Found Money is generated over the course of the month. It is an investable asset that can be used as a reserve fund. This service has a one-time advisory fee of $250, and a maintenance fee of 4% of your “Found Money” per month.  (The National Found Money Average per household is $1,100+/mo). Easy Qualification: Must be Employed salary or hourly, Military, Retired or Fixed Income, Age 25 or older, Minimum total household income of $3,800/mo. after taxes., and Direct Deposit to an active Checking Account (no savings accounts) at a Bank (Accounts at Credit Unions do not qualify unless its USAA)
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