If you are applying directly to VU, you may be required to provide additional information by completing one or more of these additional forms. Will they publish another additional list? Because I did not complete, I recorded history and diplomacy in addition, but now after a few weeks I simply connect to the Internet, I see philosophy instead of history and diplomacy and the worst thing is that history and diplomacy are not back, is now philosophy and two other courses candidates are informed about it, that the online processing of the additional admission forms will end on 17 January 2022 The management of the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) has announced the sale of the 2021/2022 additional admission form for UTME and direct entry candidates. All applicants who participated in the post-UTME selection exercise for admission to Rivers State University for the 2021/2022 academic session, but did not reach the weighted average for admission to the programs of their choice can now apply for admission to the underrated programs. The SAF is only required if you have applied to one of the following programs and is important for admission and examination of the scholarship. If you do not submit your FAS, you will jeopardize your application. It`s the same thing that happened to me, and it`s been a week since you posted this, has it changed? Have you been approved? Comment Text*when will they start admitting people who have chosen the additional form for ust This means that candidates who have chosen UNIPORT as their first choice in the 2021/2022 admission exercise can now apply for the additional admission. A305 – Bachelor of Social Work additional information for the COURSE ABSW Bachelor of Social Work I did not choose rsust in utme. Can I request an additional agreement? I have 196 points in my Jamb and 18 points in the post utme I can always request a supplement The current deadline to submit the SAF can be found on the Dates & Deadlines page. If you have already submitted an application for admission, please note the SAF deadline indicated in your JOIN U of T portal. We recommend that you submit your FAS as soon as possible for a quick review. The sooner we receive your SAF, the sooner you will be considered for approval. The SAF will be available on October 20, 2021 via the join U of T website. I`m still wondering if I didn`t get the admission score 195 in jamb n 30 in screening Buh just need to know how much it would cost to get a supplement form pls (H) FACULTY OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (i) Accounting (ii) Banking and Finance (iii) Management (iv) Marketing (v) Office and Information Management Sir please I have to change course after applying for the single-port supplement Courses The following courses require the following form to explain the English Language Requirements: The following courses require the supplementary form A350 Undergraduate Law.

First-choice applicants who have been selected for admission to the University of Port Harcourt for the 2021/2022 academic session, but who have not been admitted to the programmes of their choice may apply for additional admission to other university programmes. In addition, it is imperative that all applicants applying for additional admission upload their “O” level results online. I have reached 191 in my Jamb and 21 in my utme pls, am I eligible to purchase the additional form? All applicants are advised to regularly check their admission status on the Jamb website (CAPS) and accept the offer of admission to allow for the completion of the admission process. I filled out my application form for the additional course on the form and printed my form. But I accidentally touched the narrow app and I can no longer connect with the specified pin. Do you hope this won`t affect my application? I purchased an additional form in Ray, I need to know if an exam will be written before the names are published Rivers State University of Science and Technology, RSUST additional post-UTME selection form for applicants who could not reach the threshold points for admission to the programs of their choice during the 2021/2022 academic session. View available courses, requirements and application for the RSU Supplemental Admission Form. The faculties and programs to which applicants can apply for admission are listed below: The A310 – Honours Additional Information Supplemental Form is required for the following courses. Is there a second chance for the complementary form at Uniport this year? J) FACULTY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES (i) Department of Economics  Economics (ii) Department of Geography  Geography (iii) Institute of Mass Communication  Mass Communication (iv) Institute of Political Science  Political Science (v) Institute of Psychology  Psychology (vi) Institute of Sociology  Sociology 5 O/Level credits in English, Geography and the other three (3) economic subjects, Commerce, Government, CRK/IRK, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Agricultural Sciences. Successful completion in mathematics is mandatory if mathematics is not included in the 5 credits. Learn all about how to complete your SAF with this helpful webcast! English, chemistry, biology or agricultural sciences, mathematics/physics/geography/economics If you are applying for cooperative management and international affairs, you must submit your SAF before 13 December 2021 to be considered for the first round of interviews from January. .