We are asking 500 people with an active vehicle loan with at least 24 months of remaining auto loan payments to participate in a Market Research Study on auto loan Debt.

  1. Participants will discuss their experience using a new banking system that eliminates your monthly consumer debt as you bank.
  2. The study is to last for 1 year. Once per quarter, you will be asked to participate in a Zoom focus group.

This Study is managed by pāyZero® Incorporated for the purposes of researching the anticipated 2023 arrival of a new digital bank under the pāyZero® Financial Bank Brand. pāyZero® Incorporated thank you for your participation. The DriveFree™ and Instant Payment Freedom are owned and operated by pāyZero® Incorporated © 1994-2022. All Rights Reserved.


This is a post-purchase study, meaning if you are planning to purchase a vehicle from one of our affiliated Certified Brand Name Dealerships, then you will need to go ahead and make your purchase before the study is to begin.

To participate please:

  1. Must be employed; salary or hourly, Active or Retired Military, or Fixed Income Retired.
  2. Age 25 or older.
  3. Minimum total household net income of $3,800/mo., with Direct Deposit to an active Checking Account at a Bank. (Accounts at Credit Unions do not qualify unless it is with USAA).
  4. Complete the Vehicle Qualification Calculator so we can determine your maximum recommended monthly payment DriveFree™ will cover.
  5. Set an appointment with the dealership to make your vehicle purchase from one of our participating brand name dealerships.