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We are asking 500 people with plans to purchase a new or used vehicle from a Dealership between now and the next 30 days to participate in a Market Research Study on auto loan payment protection.

  1. Participants will discuss various ways of providing auto loan payment protection without purchasing credit life.
  2. The study is to last for 1 year. Once per quarter, you will be asked to participate in a Zoom focus group.

This Study is managed by pāyZero® Incorporated for the purposes of researching the anticipated 2021 arrival of a new digital bank under the pāyZero® Financial Bank Brand. pāyZero® Incorporated thanks you for your participation. The DriveFree™ Zero Payment Plan is owned and operated by pāyZero® Incorporated © 1994-2020. All Rights Reserved.


This is a post-purchase study, meaning if you are planning to purchase a vehicle from one of our affiliated Certified Brand Name Dealerships, then you will need to go ahead and make your purchase before the study is to begin.

To participate please:

  1. Must be employed; salary or hourly, Active or Retired Military, or Fixed Income Retired.
  2. Age 25 or older.
  3. Minimum total household net income of $3,800/mo., with Direct Deposit to an active Checking Account at a Bank. (Accounts at Credit Unions do not qualify unless it is with USAA).
  4. Complete the Vehicle Qualification Calculator so we can determine your maximum recommended monthly payment DriveFree™ will cover.
  5. Set an appointment with the dealership to make your vehicle purchase from one of our participating brand name dealerships.