Join Instant Payment Freedom

Join Instant Payment Freedom™: Our Members don’t pay car notes.

Instant Payment Freedom™ allows members to use ReSpend25 to make loan payments to your lender instead of spending from your budget.

Before we start, open your mind to the fact that Right Now, you are already spending thousands of dollars per month on household expenses.  Now, imagine an automated system that pays all monthly in full and on time, while allowing you to ReSpend $500, $1,000, $1,500, or $2000+ each month. Question: How much of my loan payment will ReSpend25 pay?

What’s ReSpend25?

  • ReSpend25 is an FDIC-compliant online banking strategy that changes the way you bank so that each time you pay a bill using electronic bill pay, you get to sweep 12% to 25% of the money you spend on household bills into a life insurance policy, trust, CD, or investment vehicle for safe accumulation.  This way, your auto loan can be paid from your ReSpend account instead of your budget.
  • The ReSpend25 strategy works when you model your banking and electronic bill pay schedule at your bank after the strategy that ReSpend25 recommends for your household. You get to ReSpend the most money when at least 80% of your total number of household expenses are paid using electronic bill pay at your bank.
  • ReSpend25 gets its results without depleting your savings, without re-writing your budget, and while all of your monthly bills are paid on time, in full, with no NSFs.

The average American household spends $5,102 every month on household bills, expenses, and lifestyle. (2018). Imagine getting to KEEP 12% to 25% of that money and using it to cover your auto loan payments.

How Does Instant Payment Freedom™ Work?

With ReSpend25, Instead of buying more with your return money, we have it saved for you into a life insurance policy. The policy then is used to pay your auto lender separate from your household budget.

How Do I Start My Instant Payment Freedom™ Membership?

  1. You pay $499
  2. Our Advisors set up your ReSpend25 Account
  3. A single Vehicle Loan payment is made each month to your lender using your ReSpend25 Account (insurance policy)
  4. You make No More payments to your lender from your household budget
  5. Starts as fast as you can set it up

Benefits of Instant Payment Freedom™

  • Vehicle Paid Off: Your vehicle loan safely paid off on time
  • Invested Payments: You can now invest your loan payments wherever you like.
  • Discounted Vehicles: When you are ready to purchase another vehicle, we have a huge selection of discounted vehicles on our site to choose from.

Steps To Get Started:

  1. Enter your household net income and expenses into the Universal ReSpend25 Calculator: Calculator
  2. Our Advisors will help you start your plan.
  3. Once your household is on the ReSpend25 system, then we can set your ReSpend25 account to pay your lender until your vehicle loan is paid off.

3 Guarantees When you sign up for Instant Payment Freedom™:

  1. You are assigned a Financial Counselor that will place you on ReSpend25 and recirculate between 12% – 25% of your total expenses into an interest-bearing account with zero NSFs
  2. Each month, our system will automatically send your subsidized dollars to your ReSpend25 Account to pay your lender independently from your household budget.
  3. You, you now, keep your money, as regular payments are now paid to your auto lender from your insurance policy.

Sample ReSpend25 Account

Instant Payment Freedom

Must meet the minimum account holder requirements

  • Employed salary or hourly, Military, Retired or Fixed Income
  • Age 25 or older
  • A minimum of $3,800/mo. in household expenses.
  • Active Checking Account With Direct Deposit (No Credit Unions unless it’s USAA®)

Enter your Income and Expenses into the Keep25 Calculator below.

Disclosures: I/we understand PayZero™ provides their advisory on setting up your ReSpend25 at an initial rate of $499 and a monthly processing rate of $29 per month. The strategy behind ReSpend25 translates into a doable plan for your household. Under our guidance, your money is distributed to 4 checking accounts in a pattern that will allow all of your monthly expenses to be paid in full on 25% less money.  The 25% rebate is called “Digital Margin Float”. That means when you follow our instructions; you have ensured the safety of having all your bills paid on time as usual and all of your monthly savings like normal.  But now, you will have an extra 12% to 25% of Digital Margin Float available as a Fundraiser to use without experiencing an NSF or Overdraft.   All management questions and adjustments are handled via Zoom® Meetings.  As we guide you to managing your online banking and bill-pay, we direct your recirculated margin float to an account we establish for you here at Payzero® Incorporated. Your account will have the ability to make your auto loan payments every month independent of your household budget  This is how you experience having your auto loan paid without adding an expense to your household budget. Your household budget is now Free of the burden of an auto loan payment! (see explanation)
The ReSpend25 System will work with any bank. *PayZero Inc. has Zero access to your bank account(s) **The National Monthly Margin Average per household is $1,100. Easy Qualification: Must be Employed salary or hourly, Military, Retired or Fixed Income, Age 25 or older, A minimum of $3,800/mo. in household expenses. For the best results, you need 4 checking accounts at the same bank. 1. Main, 2. Debt, 3. Utility, 4. Discretionary. (No Credit Unions unless it’s USAA®)