No Payments For 12 Months

Our Cash Flow Subsidy Makes Your Auto Loan Payments For A Year. (Up to $1,000/mo.)

When you begin using the Bill-PayPro™ Money Management System to handle your household’s bill-pay, you automatically qualify for the Ends Meet™ Household Budgeting Subsidy.  As long as you use the Bill-PayPro™ Money Management System,  you can continue to benefit from the subsidy.

The Ends Meet™ Household Budgeting Subsidy pays out between  $385 – $1,000/mo.(approval is based on your household expenses exceeding $3,500/mo.). Upon approval, grant proceeds are disbursed evenly to your lender over a 12-month period.

Bill-PayPro™ is a CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) ready online “Payments as a service” (PaaS) portal that uses Online Bill Pay To Consolidate your budget into small weekly digital payments.  All budgeting subsidy money towards auto loan payments is provided by PāyZero® Financial Assistance.  Under this business model, the client does not make any auto loan payments to their lenders. PāyZero® will make your vehicle loan payments to your lenders, In-Full, and On-Time Guaranteed as long as the buyer is using Bill-PayPro™ Money Management System to pay all monthly household expenses.

If you have a car payment, and your household expenses are more than $3,500 a month you have 2 of the 3 things needed to be approved for the Ends Meet™ Household Budgeting Subsidy that will pay your loan payment for a year. (Up to $1,000/mo.)

Last Step to being able to own & drive the car of your choice without payments. 

  • Financial Analysis:  We use the Bill-PayPro™ Calculator to determine the maximum loan payment we can pay.
  • Onboarding:  You pay $149 for your Money Management System.
  • Loan Payments:  PāyZero® makes the payments to your lender.

Benefits of DriveFree™ Membership

  • Vehicle Paid Off: Your vehicle loan safely paid off on time
  • Discounted Vehicles: When you are ready to purchase another vehicle, we have a huge selection of discounted vehicles on our site.

3 Guarantees When you sign up for DriveFree™:

  1. You are assigned a Financial Counselor
  2. Our system automatically sends your subsidized dollars to your lender each month independently from your household budget.
  3. You keep your money.

In Georgia?

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Disclosures: PāyZero® Inc. DBA PāyZero® Financial Assistance provides their advisory on setting up the Bill-PayPro Money Management System.  The strategy behind the Bill-PayPro translates into a doable financial plan for your household.  PFA is one of the nearly 700 Daily Money Managers in the United States. The Bill-PayPro™ online UX platform is designed to function as both an artificially intelligent budgeting system and bill pay service. PaaS can be seen as a combination of software as a service (SaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) for payments. Bill-PayPro™ is a better way to pay bills because it consolidates your budget into a small weekly digital payment, automatically lowering your monthly cash outlay by an additional 10%.  All management questions and adjustments are handled via Zoom® Meetings.  PāyZero® Financial Assistance has Zero access to your bank account(s)   Easy Qualification: Must be Employed salary or hourly, Military, Retired or Fixed Income, Age 25 or older, A minimum of $3,500/mo. in household expenses. For the best results, you need to add as many bills and expenses as possible to our online payment schedule.  PāyZero® Inc. is a Financial Technology company, not a bank. Bill Pay Services are provided through our corporate accounts at  BlueVine online and through Coastal Community Bank, Member FDIC. Bluevine accounts are FDIC insured up to $250,000 per depositor through Coastal Community Bank, Member FDIC.  See the Coastal Community Bank Privacy Policy. is powered by Bill-PayPro™.   Bill-PayPro™ is a SaaS underwritten by PāyZero®, Incorporated © 1994 – 2023. All Rights Reserved.
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