Ditch Later

What happens to your vehicle loan if you lose your income?

Establish Auto Loan Payment Protection with DriveFree™ Starting at $249

Benefits of the DriveFree™ Payment Protection Plan

  • Protection is Financially Based: We assist you in establishing and contributing to a Tax Free Emergency Fund that is used to pay your auto loan payments when you cannot afford to do so.
  • 1:1 payment matching: Which means for every month you pay your auto loan, we establish 1 month of payments to your protection fund. (if you paid your loan for 11 months, then you will be eligible for 11 months of payment protection).
  • Payment holidays: Twice a year you don’t have to pay your loan, because DriveFree™ will.
  • Early  Payoff: When you make it half way through your loan term without a payment claim, you will be eligible for immediate loan payoff.
  • Financial  Empowering: Protection plan improves overall household budget and monthly savings.

Getting Started Is Easy

Step 1

Refinance your current loan, or Select a vehicle you want to purchase from our Member Affiliate Auto Dealers, https://www.drivefree.app/inventory/ take your Certified Pre-Approval Certificate to the dealership, and finance with your favorite bank.


Step 2

Once you have purchased your Auto Loan Payment Protection, you will be assigned a member from our team to help get you started as fast as possible.

Immediately. The Faster you set up your Auto Loan Payment Protection Plan, the faster it kicks in, usually within 90 days. We will begin making payments from 10% all the way 100% of your auto loan payments to your protection fund. Every time you make a loan payment, DriveFree™ directs an equal payment fund. As long as you are on the digital banking strategy, this happens without adding  costs to your monthly budget.

Yes.  You may already be paying on an existing auto lender, or you may want to buy a new vehicle and apply your plan. You do not need to have an active loan with pāyZero® to use DriveFree™. As long as you meet the minimum requirements, you can use the DriveFree™ program to have any auto loan you wish paid off by your plan.

The Payment Protection Plan has a built-in algorithm that will actually pay off your auto loan 50 – 60% FASTER no matter the financing.

  1. Employed salary or hourly, Military, Retired or Fixed Income
  2. Age 25 or older
  3. Minimum total household income of $3,800/mo. after taxes.
  4. Direct Deposit to an active Checking Account (no savings accounts)
  5. Active Checking Account at a Bank (Accounts at Credit Unions do not qualify unless its USAA)