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Dealer Benefits

We Provide Your Dealership With Vetted, Qualified Buyers

1. Uploaded Credit Score

Whenever a customer applies for DriveFree™, pāZero® will initiate a soft pull of their credit report and upload that score onto Dealertrack® and RouteOne® .  Your dealership will then know exactly how to handle your auto loan financing. No haggling.

2. Maximum Monthly Recommended Car Payment

Whenever a customer applies for DriveFree™, we provide a financial support system that determines the maximum monthly car payment that can be paid by money generated when our clients elect to follow our financial advice.  Your dealership will then know exactly how to handle your auto loan financing. No haggling.

3. Integrated Income Verification

Whenever a customer applies for DriveFree™, not only do we use our client’s financial information to give you a crystal clear picture of their finances and ability to repay your loan, we also use artificial  intelligence to safely verify their income.  Doing this up front will help your dealership negotiate the lowest possible interest rates for their loan.

Driving Traffic to Your Dealership: As an Affiliated Auto Dealer, your dealership will be the target for our thousands of clients seeking to buy a car based on brand.  Your dealership will be the only brand of its kind in your region. So when a client is ready to buy a car, they will search from listed dealerships that uploaded vehicles to the DriveFree™ website .


Trade-Ins:  Whether you use Dealer Exchange, or Auto Alert, we have the capabilities to work with any marketing platform you use to secure sales from trade-in customers. In fact, our goal is to help your dealership add as much as 50+ trade-ins per month from your service department waiting room customers, it simply by giving your customer the chance to upgrade to a newer vehicle, and use their rider with DriveFree™ to experience zero out-of-pocket-payments.

Brand Exclusive Marketing:  You have the option of being able to add DriveFree™ to your marketing. You would be to market your dealership as “Home of The DriveFree™  Zero Out-of-Pocket Payments™”. This will go a long way towards driving traffic to your store.

For a Sales Referral Agreement, send an email to: support@pazero.net or call: 833-321-9376

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