Car Allowance

In late 2022, DriveFree™ members can go to and open a Digital Margin Checking Account with Pink Financial Bank, a Fintech Bank Project under PayZero® Incorporated management. Banking with will allow account holders a chance to experience our revolutionary online banking platform.  Up to 25% of your direct deposits will be automatically recirculated as cashback as you make your deposits. You can use your cashback to service monthly Student loans, Auto loans, Mortgage, and Credit Card payments independently from your household budget.

How to set up a Cashback Allowance at your bank Right Now?

The PayZero® Incorporated managed digital bank does not open to the public until late 2022. However, individuals paying an auto loan can add their name to the New Account Holder Waiting List. Then, PayZero® advisors can provide waiting listers with FDIC® Compliant instructions for setting up a Cashback Allowance (at your current bank) Right Now!

The instructions are based on the same recirculation system used to establish a $25 cashback allowance for every $100 you spent on expenses when opens for the public in late 2022.

Safe At Any Bank

Our CashBack/Recirculation system works at any bank that receives direct deposits of your household income.  Since 2000, we have helped over 5000 people get started at Chase Bank alone and over 200 with USAA.  Recirculation works in our digital business model at The strategies will work at your bank because they work at ours.

If you start today, from now on, your auto loan will be paid using Cashback Allowances. You just made your last loan payment that counts against your budget. This Service is Free of Charge.

Steps To Accessing Your Car Allowance:

  1. Sign the MyPinkBank™ New Account Holder waiting list at Waiting List
  2. Enter your household net income and expenses into the Allowance Calculator: Calculator
  3. Follow our instructions for using our Recirculation strategies at your bank until Pink Financial officially opens in late 2022.

3 Guarantees When you sign up for Car Allowance:

  1. You are assigned a Financial Counselor that will give you instructions on managing your direct deposit, online banking actions, and bill-pay in a manner that will recirculate between 12% – 25% of your total expenses into an interest-bearing account with zero NSF’s
  2. Our system will send money to your Digital Margin Account to grow and pay your lender independently from your household budget.
  3. Once your Digital Margin Account starts paying your lender, you can stop making payments to your lender from your budget.

Car Allowance

Must meet the minimum account holder requirements

  • Employed salary or hourly, Military, Retired or Fixed Income
  • Age 25 or older
  • Minimum total household income of $3,800/mo. after taxes.
  • Active Checking Account With Direct Deposit (No Credit Unions unless it’s USAA®)

Enter your Income and Expenses into the Allowance Calculator below.

Sample Digital Margin Account

Disclosures: *PayZero Inc. has Zero access to your bank account(s).  Our Digital-Margin-System (DMS) system is based on the same banking model that Pink Financial Bank ( will introduce to the market as Debt-Free Banking in 2022. The strategy behind our DMS translates into a doable plan for your household. Under our guidance, your money is dispersed to multiple accounts in a pattern that will cover all of your monthly expenses on 75% less money.  The remaining 25% is called “Digital Margin”. That means when you follow our instructions; you have ensured the safety of having all your bills paid on time as usual and all of your monthly savings like normal.  But now, you will have an extra 12% to 25% of Margin available to use without experiencing an NSF or Overdraft.   All management questions and adjustments are handled via Zoom® Meetings.  Digital Margin is established without asking you to cut expenses from your budget and without bouncing a check. As we guide you to managing your online banking and bill-pay, we direct your recirculated margin to an account we establish for you here at Payzero® Incorporated. Your account will have the ability to make your auto loan payments every month independent of your household budget or saved to pay off your vehicle in one transaction. This is how you experience having your auto loan paid without adding an expense to your household budget. Your household budget is now Free of the burden of an auto loan payment! (see explanation) The DMS system Online Banking and Bill-Pay Management Services will work with any bank. .  **The National Monthly Margin Average per household is $1,100. Easy Qualification: Must be Employed salary or hourly, Military, Retired or Fixed Income, Age 25 or older, Minimum total household income of $3,800/mo. after taxes. For the best results, you need 4 checking accounts at the same bank. 1. Main, 2. Debt, 3. Utility, 4. Discretionary. (No Credit Unions unless it’s USAA®)