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Auto Loan Payments Grant

In addition to the 10% monthly cash outlay discount you experience on the Bill-PayPro™ Household Budget Consolidation Plan, you are eligible for a Grant. pāyZero® Philanthropy Services will pay your auto loan for a year.  The Ends Meet™ Household Budgeting Grant is funded by pāyZero® Philanthropy Services and pays out between  $3,100 – $12,000 (approval is based on your household expenses exceeding $4.500/mo.).  Upon approval, grant proceeds are disbursed evenly to your lender over a 12-month period.

Under this business model, the client does not make any auto loan payments to their lenders. pāyZero® Philanthropy Services will make your vehicle loan payments to your lenders, In-Full, and On-Time Guaranteed.  Apply For Grant


DriveFree™ is a simple online vehicle sales site like CarGurus® or Cars.com® but with a twist. We added Grant services feature to our business model provided by pāyZero®, Inc. We are here to provide you with an opportunity to qualify for a Grant that pays your auto loan.  A Debt-Freedom financial advantage is experienced when financing a vehicle from our network of over 40,000 dealerships.

We cater to car buyers…

  1. who are currently financing a vehicle with more than 24 months remaining on their loan balance,
  2. who have made plans of paying their vehicle loan off early,
  3. or who may be thinking of Refinancing their auto loan.

We appreciate you taking the time today to visit our site and our app. Our goal is to give you an interactive tour of our new and used inventory and allow you to get a quote and apply for financing conveniently. At pāyZero®, our team utilizes local expertise combined with global experience to offer our members the opportunity to finance a new or used vehicle without adding a bill to their monthly budget.

It’s Simple: Shop and Schedule a Test Drive | Purchase Your Vehicle |  Never worry about car payments.

 — KARRIEM ALI, President of DriveFree™


Our work won’t “save the world” but we do change many people’s lives for the better on a daily basis and that means a lot to us. Our expectations are definitely high.

  • Stress-free car buying process.
  • Robust selection of popular vehicles.
  • 350 offers on-site per dealership, trusted by a community.
  • Finance and drive without creating a new bill
  • Much much more…


Post it on or website. Its Free.  Place your car in front of the entire internet. When people are ready to buy, you just make sure you are ready to sell.

Choose from over 2,000,000 cars from all across the country. User our financial tools, and lending partners to buy the car you want. Many of our dealers even deliver your car wherever you are.