Sometimes friends in a friendship may feel unhappy. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but jealousy and the feeling that someone else (another friend or romantic partner) is coming between you and your boyfriend are both common. Working through these difficult feelings is an important part of healthy friendships. Analyze them together. Are they realistic? Are you both satisfied? Which is best to solve the problem? Then, reach an agreement and commit to respecting it. When I realize that I am upset and try to hear the words that are being said to me as they are, without my continuous mental comment, things present themselves much more clearly. From the beginning, identify the situation that is causing a problem and that you want to change, and then express how you feel: “I prefer that people talk to me quietly and not scream. » Find out with your friend what can be changed to keep your relationship healthy and respectful. After breaking up with a friend, it is important that you: Take the time to talk to your friend and understand his point of view. If it is a small misunderstanding, you will surely find a solution together. However, if it`s a big disagreement, you may need to assess how important the relationship is to you and whether you`re willing to make an effort to maintain it. “Treat your friends like you take your best photos; Put them in the best light. ~ Unknown We are not saying that you and your colleague should see a therapist because of a conflict. Start small: Don`t call or text your friend as often as before.

If they still want to talk a lot, answer every other time. You can also reduce the time you spend together or try to spend time in a group so that they are not just the two of you. Talk about yourself and how you feel throughout the discussion using “I” without blaming or judging the other person. Respect attracts respect. Your friend will react much better if you say, “I find this hard to believe,” rather than “You`re a liar”! Jonathon may have reasons to visit Mexico, but I preferred to visit a place far from our home country and enjoy the tranquility and rich heritage of England. I argued that the majority of the other friends agreed to visit England and that the sudden change in plan would discourage many of them from joining us. I also tried to convince him that Mexico would be too exotic a place for us and less interesting for travel. He seemed determined enough to go to Mexico and completely relentless to listen to my reasons. After an hour of argument, frustration and disunity, I told him that I would not travel to Mexico in any way. My friend insisted that we have an unusual visit and an unknown experience of this tour. I admitted that his opinion was reasonable, but we should appreciate the opinion of other friends before we fight. As he continued to argue, I became angry and frustrated and left his house that day.

Show that you took the initiative to talk to your colleague about the disagreement and that you listened to his answer. If you talk about your disagreement during the interview, show how you turned it into a positive circumstance from which you learned something. If it`s about that, leave. Breathe, take a step back and take some time before trying again. I found myself blaming my boyfriend unjustifiably instead of openly admitting that something had hurt me and made me feel vulnerable. I would be grateful if you could help me improve my reading skills. I have done the ielts exam 3 times, but unfortunately my reading is 5.5 and I need at least 7 please guide me. I don`t know what to do? Thank you maya model answer 1: I am one of those rather passive people who don`t really live to have some kind of quarrel with anyone except in very rare cases. Today, I want to talk about one of those rare occasions when I had a strong disagreement with a good friend of mine. Anyway, this good friend I`m talking about is an otherwise decent person, but he used to talk negatively about other people`s religious beliefs. Of course, on many occasions I tried to indirectly ask him not to, but he didn`t really seem to care what I had to say or how I felt about that rather unpleasant aspect of his personality. But the other day, while we were enjoying a fresh coffee in a café, I couldn`t stay cool anymore because I discovered that he was doing the same thing in the middle of a bunch of other people.

I politely tried to make him aware of how our conversation made others around us uncomfortable, but as usual, he didn`t seem to care. And at that time, I told him very strongly that his denigration of religion was completely false and unacceptable. .