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With DriveFree™, you can pick out the Car of Your Dreams, Finance it, and let your Return of Payments Plan get you your money back after you have paid it off.

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We have access to over 5 million cars, SUVs, and trucks from partner dealerships all Across America.

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Return of Payments™

DriveFree™ gives our members Instant Payment Freedom™ After you finance the vehicle of their dreams, use the money accumulating in your Float25 Account to make loan payments to your lender. Keep Your Money.


Protection From Repossession

Our members are protected from auto loan repossession simply because of their active participation in Return of Payments.

Wide Range of Brands

With a robust selection of popular vehicles on hand, as well as leading vehicles from BMW and Ford, you just point, click, and take your Pre-Qualification Certificate to Dealership in our network.

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With over 40,000 DriveFree™ members. We take pride in knowing our services provide wealth opportunities and financial security for hard-working Americans.

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Before you finance or refinance your old car loan, make sure you enter your income and expenses into the Float25 Calculator.  See how much of your auto loan your Return of Payments plan will cover.

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